A guilt free guide to nutritious drinking and living a lush life

For years, healthy living and drinking have been unable to go hand-in-hand as lifestyle choices. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we should avoid drinking and focus on a healthy diet and proper exercise. However, this priceless new guide successfully opens our eyes to a new path: healthy drinking!

Focusing on being healthy while drinking, this wonderful book by Brooke Peavley and Ann Gardner covers how alcohol affects the body - both positively and negatively. Full of tips, strategies, and methods to counteract the negative effects of alcohol before and after drinking, the book does a fantastic job of demonstrating how nutritional strategies can prevent over drinking and cure hangovers. A must have for any drinker, this helpful guide explains what causes hangovers, how to intelligently eat properly while drinking, and ultimately, how to incorporate drink into while leading a your healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Lush: A Guilt Free Guide to Nutritious Drinking and Living a Lush Life is a lighthearted and informative new book that stresses the importance of taking care of yourself so that drinking can be a part of a healthy life. The book not only teaches amazing tips on hangover prevention and cure, but it also is a funny and educational book full of information about nutrition and drinking. With the extensive help input from a nutrition consultant for recovering alcoholics, the book is written with an authoritative tone that still feels down to earth.

Written in a playful, fun, and informative tone, The Healthy Lush is a perfect read for any adult interested in health, nutrition, exercise, and drinking. With an overall focus on health, the book does a wonderful job of promoting the importance of health, rather than giving readers an excuse to go wild or avoid alcohol like the plague. Recognizing the urge that adults have to enjoy life while being healthy, this wonderful book does an amazing job of promoting an ultimately healthy lifestyle that still allows you to do the things you enjoy.